Welcome to the site of the Republican educational and health center "Baldauren" in Balkhash.

"Baldauren-Balkhash" was opened on June 17, 2019 in Balkhash city, this is the fourth branch REHC, which wasappeared on the shore of the unique Lake Balkhash.This is a rare place, here the rest will provide a great pleasure and a vivid impressions.This is the territory of childhood, where the natural landscape is harmoniously combined with a beautiful view of azure Balkhash.A feature of the organization of the work of our branch is that we conduct inclusive education.The basic principle of inclusive education is that persons who have a special educational needs (SEN), should have access to education in ordinary schools, in regular classrooms.

From the first day of staying in, the children are in a group of medical, psychological and pedagogical support, providing treatment, education, upbringing, social adaptation and integration in our center.Accompanying the child by each ofourspecialists is being conducted within the frame of his competence.

Baldauren is the island of children dreams. We value the childrens’ active civilposition, respect each child as a person, revealing their creative abilities.The thoughts, views of every child are valuable for us. If a child is again looking forward to visit Baldauren, this is owing to all of our team.

I wish you a good health andlive in peace!

                                                                                              Кампышев Серикбай Бейсенбаевич

                                                                                                  И. О. Руководителя филиала  

                                                                                                  РГКП     "Балдаурен - Балхаш"


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